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PRELA selects the best ingredients from around the world Quality control from source to whole process.
Selection of coating materials

Aliphatic curing agents that do not participate in hydrolysis reactions or photodegradation reactions, ensuring resistance to yellowing.

Does not contain benzene rings, double bonds, carboxyl groups, carbonyl groups, etc., ensuring no cracking.

Polyurethane acrylic system to ensure brightness.

Selection of base material suppliers

Aliphatic polycaprolactone type TPU has good elasticity and abrasion resistance, weather resistance, TPU material of the car coat of the bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance is outstanding, at the same time, TPU material of the car coat even at -35 degrees Celsius still good elasticity, suppleness. PRELA using Lubrizol, BASF, etc. car coat of the special TPU particles produced by the substrate to ensure that the weather resistance.

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Selection of glue properties

Installation adhesive selection of the U.S. Ashland glue, the initial adhesive force, adhesive holding power long-term stability.

Selection of Matte Release Film

Stable thickness control ensures uniformity of the adhesive layer; release force is matched according to the adhesive force to ensure that the product is not delaminated; high SA ensures that there is no transfer of silicon to affect the adhesive force.

Selection of Coated Protective Film

Made of optical grade raw material production coater, based on optical nanomaterials, thus adjusting the gloss of the product, so that the paint protection film attached to the paint surface brightness enhancement effect more bright and transparent. Realization of flatness, brightness and high clarity.